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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Photos from the planting at Overdale

First, take a welly and add a layer of gravel and then a thin layer of soil,
put in 2 or 3 bulbs with the shoot up and the roots down,

top up with soil and tamp it down, do it to within a centimetre of the top of the boot.
Lots of lovely wellies donated by parents at Woodchurch Road Primary School and patrons of the Green Community Shop and Centre
On the steps of Overdale for now
Please water occasionally

Some of the years 7 & 8 at Birkenhead School who took part

The pupils help load up in my car for me to look after the majority of the wellies until spring. When I got home I added some more gravel on the top and some ivy and other cuttings to take root. The gravel on the top should keep down the slugs who have taken a liking to our bulbs who have sprung up early.......shredding them! Naughty slugs...can't let them put our project in jeopardy!

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