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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Welly Road gets the boot in! will link into Secret Gardens of Oxton

Wellington Road is just outside of the conservation area of Oxton Village, actually to be exact about 2 metres of Wellington Road is in the area and the rest isn't. We (Welly Road gets the boot in!) are going to be linking up with the event. In fact that is when I am focusing the unveiling of our project.  Darren from the Coffee Shop on the street has ideas-a-plenty and we have the support of the scout troup from Birkenhead School too.

Here is the information about The Secret Gardens of Oxton:-

Sunday 13th May 2012 10.00am to 5.00pm the Secret Gardens of Oxton.

Bring your family and friends to visit 30 hidden gardens in the historic conservation area of Oxton. Walking round this pleasant village you will come across a wonderful array of plants and flowers and be inspired by a variety of creative garden designs.
This annual event is enjoyed by newcomers and regular visitors who return every year. In addition to the gardens, musical entertainments and art shows will be taking place in the village centre. For children there are Punch and Judy shows and pony rides. Village shops, plant and craft stalls, cafes and pubs will all be open on the day.

Selected charities play an active role by helping the organisers to run the event. All proceeds are shared by the charities.

There is a Park & Ride located on the corner of Woodchurch Road and Storeton Road (post code for Sat Nav CH43 5TW)

Tickets price to be confirmed. For tickets visit or ring 07963 248 268 for more details.

Buy tickets in advance and save money.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Wellies in the snow

On the 16th of December, Wirral was hit with a flurry of hail and possibly snow so I nipped out to take some shots of the wellies for you all.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Photos from the planting at Overdale

First, take a welly and add a layer of gravel and then a thin layer of soil,
put in 2 or 3 bulbs with the shoot up and the roots down,

top up with soil and tamp it down, do it to within a centimetre of the top of the boot.
Lots of lovely wellies donated by parents at Woodchurch Road Primary School and patrons of the Green Community Shop and Centre
On the steps of Overdale for now
Please water occasionally

Some of the years 7 & 8 at Birkenhead School who took part

The pupils help load up in my car for me to look after the majority of the wellies until spring. When I got home I added some more gravel on the top and some ivy and other cuttings to take root. The gravel on the top should keep down the slugs who have taken a liking to our bulbs who have sprung up early.......shredding them! Naughty slugs...can't let them put our project in jeopardy!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Let the planting begin (again)

I am off to do some community planting at Birkenhead School today at lunchtime with Overdale, so had the car loaded with umpteen wellies (but umpteen more required) bulbs, gravel, tarpaulin....think I am going to get very messy later....The planting will going on inside the lovely foyer of Overdale (years 7 & 8 at the school).

Today, I have been scrounging for pallets too. I got one from my friend, Theresia Cadwallader and was just on the way to Rightway to ask for some as they frequently have them available and spotted a building site in Oxton Village and they gave me all their broken ones and an opportune stop off to The Green Community Shop and Centre with some donations gained me some spindles for staircases which Cornerstone, the vocational training place in Birkenhead who are making the planters can use for either demonstration purposes or re-create into something else.