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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Streaks Ahead and Simply Food and Drinks get their stands

Today, I put together the wellies for two of the businesses on Wellington Road using wellies planted by Birkenhead Woodcraft Folk, Birkenhead School, Members of The Green Community Centre and Shop last year and a few wellies planted by neighbours and staff of some of the other businesses. I chose pinks, yellows and soft blues for Streaks Ahead for a feminine soft display and chose blue to match the fascia signage for Simply Food and Drinks.

Thanks to Wayne the postie for helping move one of the stands down, he arrived at the right moment!

I made the decision to put some of the wellies out now as they have flowering bulbs in and there is no point them being stuck in the dark up the side of my house waiting for the big event on May the 13th as part of Secret Gardens of Oxton. By getting the two stands on the street it gives an idea of what it will be like and today people were chatting. Paul Doughty of SDA in the former Post Office (and Councillor for Prenton) has arranged for hanging baskets through Gary in Festival Flowers, all the businesses are contributing and Alan Brighouse (Councillor for Oxton) has arranged for a permanent planter for the street...and all the businesses are discussing "when are we getting ours?" and an old neighbour came up and chatted and said "you're the artist, aren't you?" Even the community police officer stopped by for a chat, and friends and my own the plan is working - more communication and unity in Wellington Road!

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