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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Welly Road's big day out is over but the wellies are staying put!

many many wellies on the road and with help from neighbours 

we can continue to keep them going

We created a pretty street from over 500 wellies, at least 26 bags of compost, 18 bags of pea gravel, hundreds of bulbs and plants and lots of time offered by volunteers, many thanks to all concerned. 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Great Welly Road Gets the Boot in! quiz

The Great Welly Road Gets the Boot in! quiz -(QUIZ IS OVER NOW BUT IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A GO JUST FOR FUN - reply by comment)
Print off and do the quiz cos there are (were) nice prizes!! (won by 4 future gardeners)

How many wellies (count each welly) are there outside:-

The Green Community Shop and Centre in Oxton Village ______________
(on Christchurch Road in Oxton Village)

Talbot Court ______________
(the flats at the end of Wellington Road near Village Road)

SDA ______________
(in the old post office on Wellington Road

Festival Flowers______________
(on Wellington Road)

Hursts Bakery______________
(on Wellington Road)

Streaks Ahead______________
(on Wellington Road)

Wellington Road Studios______________
(set back from Wellington Road- behind the shops)
And what else is planted that is a bit unusual______________

The Coffee Shop______________
(on Wellington Road)

Simply Food and Drinks______________
(on Wellington Road)

The Hair Lounge_____________
(on Wellington Road)

Birkenhead School Lodge______________
(on Beresford Road)


How many wellies can you see outside the neighbours houses on Wellington Road (between Village Road and Beresford Road)? ______________
Have you seen more wellies anywhere else – some people planted wellies from nearby streets too (hint: Silverdale Road)?
Have you spotted something more suitable for getting into a pool than getting into puddles?
And where are they? ___________________________________________________________________

Which stand is your favourite? ____________________________________________________________________

Friday, 11 May 2012

Our poet laureate for the street

“A near-run thing,” he said
Wellington, surveying the field of Waterloo

In everything we do
We fly or fall together, peace as war..
The mystery of what it’s for
Is less than the conviction
That it’s possible :

Wait : don’t close the gate just yet,

Not even when the world hangs wet
With disbelief.

Put on your boots
And Water the ground :
Look around : it’s Spring,
And a living place is possible :

Even if, like love and war, “a near-run thing” ..

                    for Alison, - and Wellington Road

                        spring 2012
                        Mark Ball
                        Beresford Road

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Birkenhead School's stand

The stand at The Lodge of Birkenhead School

"Welly Road gets the Boot in!" is part of the Secret Gardens of Oxton, with all the stands on show and all the neighbours wellies out in all their glory. To visit the street is free but we are part of a greater event and we encourage you to get a ticket and visit the other gardens.

Sunday 13th May 2012 10.00am to 5.00pm .

Bring your family and friends to visit 30 hidden gardens in the historic conservation area of Oxton. Walking round this pleasant village you will come across a wonderful array of plants and flowers and be inspired by a variety of creative garden designs.

This annual event is enjoyed by newcomers and regular visitors who return every year. In addition to the gardens, musical entertainments and art shows will be taking place in the village centre. For children there are Punch and Judy shows and pony rides. Village shops, plant and craft stalls, cafes and pubs will all be open on the day.

Selected charities play an active role by helping the organisers to run the event. All proceeds are shared by the charities.

There is a Park & Ride located on the corner of Woodchurch Road and Storeton Road (post code for Sat Nav CH43 5TW)

For tickets visit or ring 07963 248 268 for more details.
Buy tickets in advance and save money.

Road Directions

Exit the M53 at Jct.3 and take the A552 Woodchurch Road towards Birkenhead, then follow the signs for Oxton.

Many thanks to Richard Cross of Rostherne Nursery

Neighbours start getting their wellies