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Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Great Welly Road Gets the Boot in! quiz

The Great Welly Road Gets the Boot in! quiz -(QUIZ IS OVER NOW BUT IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A GO JUST FOR FUN - reply by comment)
Print off and do the quiz cos there are (were) nice prizes!! (won by 4 future gardeners)

How many wellies (count each welly) are there outside:-

The Green Community Shop and Centre in Oxton Village ______________
(on Christchurch Road in Oxton Village)

Talbot Court ______________
(the flats at the end of Wellington Road near Village Road)

SDA ______________
(in the old post office on Wellington Road

Festival Flowers______________
(on Wellington Road)

Hursts Bakery______________
(on Wellington Road)

Streaks Ahead______________
(on Wellington Road)

Wellington Road Studios______________
(set back from Wellington Road- behind the shops)
And what else is planted that is a bit unusual______________

The Coffee Shop______________
(on Wellington Road)

Simply Food and Drinks______________
(on Wellington Road)

The Hair Lounge_____________
(on Wellington Road)

Birkenhead School Lodge______________
(on Beresford Road)


How many wellies can you see outside the neighbours houses on Wellington Road (between Village Road and Beresford Road)? ______________
Have you seen more wellies anywhere else – some people planted wellies from nearby streets too (hint: Silverdale Road)?
Have you spotted something more suitable for getting into a pool than getting into puddles?
And where are they? ___________________________________________________________________

Which stand is your favourite? ____________________________________________________________________

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