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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Let the planting begin (again)

I am off to do some community planting at Birkenhead School today at lunchtime with Overdale, so had the car loaded with umpteen wellies (but umpteen more required) bulbs, gravel, tarpaulin....think I am going to get very messy later....The planting will going on inside the lovely foyer of Overdale (years 7 & 8 at the school).

Today, I have been scrounging for pallets too. I got one from my friend, Theresia Cadwallader and was just on the way to Rightway to ask for some as they frequently have them available and spotted a building site in Oxton Village and they gave me all their broken ones and an opportune stop off to The Green Community Shop and Centre with some donations gained me some spindles for staircases which Cornerstone, the vocational training place in Birkenhead who are making the planters can use for either demonstration purposes or re-create into something else.

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