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Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday, 21 September 2012

Welly Road went national today with GQT

Gardeners Question Time link

My question comes near the end for the project but listen from the start as all interesting stuff and actualy inspired m to purchase some Kale for the wellies too as well as Christmas trees.

And for added inspiration a song from Sinatra, enlight of one of the answers from the panel

Woops there goes another Rubber Tree Plant!

We are still using up the money from our second grant to fund this replant tomorrow 10.30 til 2.30 and Birkenhead School have organised a replant of their wellies as part of their open day tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Community re-plant

Our wellies are starting to look scruffy so it is time for a clean up and replant to make it look wonderful again and I have arranged for a community re-plant to which you are all invited on Saturday the 22nd of September at the shops on Wellington Road, Oxton, Prenton, Ch43 2JE from 10.30 til 2.30pm

We need all hands on deck - bring a trowel, bring cuttings, bring old wellies for planting. Some plants, some wellies and some trowels will be provided but anymore that you can bring with you will be most helpful. 

Radio Four's wonderful programme Gardeners Question Time (GQT) recorded me asking a question about the wellies on one of the recordings made at Ness Gardens last week. The radio show has a potential audience of 2 million and at the moment, the wellies are not looking good so to save our blushes in between the broadcast on the 21st of September and the 23rd of September, let's make the road look as fab as it did and have some fun while we do it. Light rain will not stop play but heavy rain will....!

  • Any neighbours with wellies that need replanting, please bring them along, and any neighbours with gardens, take a look for any plants that need dividing or any with small plants you want rid of that will fit in the wellies as it will help to stretch our budget a little further.

The Fireman's wellies

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Interesting news for publicity for Welly Road Gets the Boot in!

Your Gardeners Question Time Panel

Alison and Bunny Guiness and the welly
Might be an idea for all those interested in our lovely Wellies to listen to Gardeners Question Time on the 21st of September and repeated again on the 23rd on BBC Radio Four....listen right to the very end!

And then be prepared for a re-plant based on their ideas and any others that come flooding in - feel free to comment!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Welly Road's big day out is over but the wellies are staying put!

many many wellies on the road and with help from neighbours 

we can continue to keep them going

We created a pretty street from over 500 wellies, at least 26 bags of compost, 18 bags of pea gravel, hundreds of bulbs and plants and lots of time offered by volunteers, many thanks to all concerned.